Flowers · Paintings/Realistic


 Integral Tapasya

Datura or Angel’s trumpet (white) – Datura suaveolens

The entire being lives only to know and serve the Divine.  

    painting size: 30*40 cm  on Hahnmühle fine art 300g/m² acid free watercolor paper.
 Traditionally, they are offered to Shiva, the Lord of ascetics.
Tapasya – A dicipline aiming at the realization of the Divine.
Single or double yellow flowers – Mental Tapasya (The process leading towards the goal)
Pendulous large double white funnel form flowers – Brugmansia Suaveolens – Perfect Tapasya (That which will reach its goal)
Single, double or triple violet flowers – Vital Tapasya – (The vital undergoes a vigorous discipline in order to transform itself) 

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