Flowers · Paintings/Realistic · Roses

White Roses tinged Pink

Affection for the Divine (a sweet and confident tenderness giving itself unfailingly to the Divine) – white roses tinged pink.


Love for the Divine (the vegetal kingdom gathers together its most beautiful possiblities to offer them to the Divine)- all roses in general.

Psychic Love for the Divine (strong and faithful, it has a beauty that does not belie) – small reddish pink roses.

Human Passions changed into Love for the Divine (may they become a real fact, and their abundance will save the world) – red roses.

Flaming Love for the Divine (ready for all heroism and all sacrifices) – orange roses.

Humility in the Love for the Divine (delicate, effective and surrendered, but very persistent in its feelings) – lavender or mauve roses.

Integral Love for the Divine (pure, complete and irrevocable, it is a love that gives itself for ever) – solitary pure white roses.

Supramental Attachment for the Divine (manifold and smiling, repeating itself endlessly) – small light orange roses in dainty clusters.

Balance of the nature in the Love for the Divine (passive and active, calm and ardent, sweet and strong, silent and expressed) – bicoloured roses. 

Surrender (to will what the Divine wills is supreme wisdom) – country rose, highly fragrant semi- double pink roses.

Pure Spiritual Surrender (candid, simple, spontaneous and complete in its multiplicity) – small white roses in full pendulous clusters (climber with very few thorns)

Detailed Surrender (a surrender which does not leave anything aside) – fairy queen roses, tiny pink roses.

Loving Surrender (a state that can be obtained by surrendering to the Divine) – pink roses except ‘Surrender’ and ‘Perfect Surrender’. 

Perfect Surrender (the indispensable condition for arriving at identification) – highly fragrant large pink roses.

Mental Surrender (this happens when the mind has understood that it is only an instrument) – yellow roses tinged orange.

Mental Love for the Divine (the nature offers its love in a fragrant blossoming) – yellow roses.

Mental Love under the Psychic Influence (under the psychic influence the mind knows how to express its love for the Divine in magnificent terms) – Rosa ‘Peace’, cream or yellow roses tinged pink.

Tenderness for the Divine (sweet, charming, of delicate form – a blossoming smile!) – small roses in clusters of two or three, very light pink fading to white.

Affection for the Divine (a sweet and confident tenderness giving itself unfailingly to the Divine) – white roses tinged pink.

Communion with the Divine (for one who truly has it, all circumstances becomes an occasion for it) – dense erect clusters of single or double roses, all colours.

Psychic Soaring of Nature (nature has a soul which blossoms very prettily) – dog rose, eglantine, clusters of fragrant light pink single roses. 

Beauty offers itself in service to the Divine (incomparable splendour, it becomes a modest servitor) – salmon coloured roses.

Timidity in Attachment to the Divine (full of life, but not knowing how to change this life into an offering to the Divine) – small green roses.

Love from the Divine  (there is one rose from the Divine) – the Mother described this rose as a beautiful, large and multi coloured one. 





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