Paintings/Realistic · The story of Shiv Parvathi

The Wedding


        Arches HP 300gsm half sheet, Schminke Artists watercolors.

        Lord Shiva comes in the disguise of a hermit/sage to Parvathi devi and after finding out why she performs penance he says:


  ” Lady,” cried he, ” that mighty Lord I know ;
Ever his presence bringeth care and woe.
And wouldst thou still a second time prepare
The sorrows of his fearful life to share ?
Deluded maid, how shall thy tender hand,
Decked with the nuptial bracelet’s jewelled band,
Be clasped in his, when fearful serpents twine
In scaly horror round that arm divine ?
How shall thy robe, with gay flamingoes gleaming,
Suit with his coat of hide with blood-drops streaming ?
Of old thy pathway led where flowerets sweet
Made pleasant carpets for thy gentle feet.
And e’en thy foes would turn in grief away
To see these vermeil-tinted limbs essay,
Where scattered tresses strew the mournful place,
Their gloomy path amid the tombs to trace.

etc ..

  He must have been pleased with her answers for he sends the seven sages to Himaloy asking for her hand in marriage.


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