Blog anniversary


            I started painting my own works a year back. I also started sharing them to the world through this blog a year back . They have been a means of inner discovery of myself.          

        Humility and self respect – Is there any humility in bowing down before the falsehoods in others? Or does it lie in following to the end what you know to be true even if it means going against the rest of the world?

        Thanks for following this blog and for your encouraging comments ….. (sorry I have lost your earlier ones)


3 thoughts on “Blog anniversary

  1. Very well said. Lost are the souls that ran towards an unclear progress shedding innocence, humility and self respect. No amount of patience can ever make them ready to see it otherwise.

  2. You just started a little more than a year ago. I didn’t know. That’s incredible. Moreover, it’s inspiring. It’s so “transparent.” As though both form and non-form were appearing hand in hand like eternal companions in delight. Two and one at the same time. Really something! Thanks. And bravo 🙂

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