Abstract/Symbolic · Sketches, Illustrations and Abstract

Om – Beginnings of the Universe


Watercolor on Hahnemühle board “Cornwall” 450gsm , rough

Painting size: 17 into 24 cm.



2 thoughts on “Om – Beginnings of the Universe

  1. Dear Neelima,
    I saw your both blogs which shows inner depth of human being associated with the spirituality. I think you have an artistic aptitude along with too much love for nature. Your all postings shows the spiritual involvement but sometimes, somewhere I doubt, whether there is any touch of slight despair. Sorry, but what I felt, I wrote.
    But I like all the posts.
    Our Homoeopathic Science considers all the aspects of human life related with his creation & that’s why I like to perceive the nature, life, & human being to find out the truth of GOD’S PRESENCE.
    While watching your blog, I perceived the presence if divinity.
    If possible, do reply on my email & watch my blog regarding the sharing the knowledge of the Divine Homoeopathic Science.
    Dr Prasad…

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