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Inner Sanctuary



Inner Sanctuary

      Blue Passion Flower and Brazilian Tanagar


Watercolor on half sheet of Arches 300 gsm paper. 

Passiflora foetida  (small, delicate white flower) – Integral Silence (the source of true force)

Passiflora Incarnata X cincinnata ‘Incense’ (medium sized, purple flower with curly filaments) – Silence (the ideal condition for true progress)

Passiflora vitifolia (large, red flower with pointed petals and sepals) – Power aspiring to be the instrument for the Divine Work (Power, aspiring to a higher consciousness, awakens to the need of being at the service of the Divine)

Fruits · Paintings/Realistic

Berries on the fence

 berries on the fence


Painting size: 27 into 37 cm

Winsor and Newton CP watercolor paper

Birds and Butterflies · Fruits · Landscape · Paintings/Realistic

Grapes and Robin

Grapes and Robin 

 Grapes – Divine Ananda

(Abundant, succulent, nourishing, full of vigour)

          Painting done on Hahnemühle fine art water color 450gsm paper with Schminke artists watercolors measuring about 14*19 inches.

     The inspiration for this painting is from a lovely little garden that we had while living in Weil am Rhein, Germany. The front fencing and wall was completely covered with grape vines and this vine had found its way back here into our nook. I added the bunch of grapes and the robin from parts of other photos from the RIL of Thanks to Marita and Pete for the same. 

     I grew beautiful bright red Geraniums (Spiritual Happiness – calm and smiling, nothing can disturb it) in pots in this space and they flowered abundantly through out the summer, I wish I had taken photos of those too, for another painting………

Visit  for some WIP shots.