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dynamic power

Red Hibiscus

 Power of Action

Traditionally, hibiscus flowers are offered to kali the Goddess of Power and Strength.

Power of Action (The power resulting from  true surrender to the Divine)- Medium-sized single bright cardinal red flower with firm petals, with or without reddish-purple centre.

 painting size: 30*40 cm  on Hahnmühle fine art 300g/m² acid free watercolor paper.

Dynamic Power (Indispensable for Progress) – Medium-sized single light to dark erect or pendulous flowers, separated recurved petals and often with crenate border. 

Beauty of the New Creation (The New Creation strives to better manifest the Divine) – Large single crimson-pink flower with heavily crinkled petals shading to pale pink on the edges, dark red centre. 

Blossoming of the New Creation (The more we concentrate on the goal the more it grows and becomes precise)  –  Large semi-double flowers with rounded outer petals and tufted centre; shades of yellow blended with fire-red and orange towards the centre. 

Charm of the New Creation (The New Creation is attractive for those who want to progress)  – Large single pink flowers with crinkled petals, centres varying from white through dark pink.

Concentration of the New Creation (Concentration on a precise goal helps development)  –  Medium-sized yellow cup shaped flowers splashed orange with crinkled petals and light yellow centre.

Firmness of the new Creation (The New Creation wants to be firm in its manifestation) – Large single flower with long smooth yellow petals flecked and veined orange-red, deep red or bright pink centre and lighter pink aura. 

Ideal of the New Creation (The ideal must be progressive in order to be realised in the future)  – Medium-sized single light mauve cup-shaped with heavily crinkled petals and intense violet centre; edge of petals pink nearly white. 

Manifold Power of the New Creation (The New Creation Will be rich in possibilities) – Medium to large single bi-coloured or variegated flower with crinkled petals, usually orange-red splashed with gold and white. 

Progress of the New Creation (Each must find the activity favourable to one’s own progress) – Medium-sized single cup-shaped yellow flower with heavily crinkled petals
and large reddish-orange fire like centre.

Realisation of the New Creation (It is for this that we must prepare ourselves) – Large single lemon-yellow or luminous yellow flower with crinkled or smooth petals and with white or light pink centre. 

Usefulness of the New Creation (A Creation which aims at teaching men to surpass themselves) – Medium to large single uniformly pink flower with rounded petals and reddish-pink centre. 

Mentalised Power (Power becomes utilizable) [this  also applies for okra ( lady finger)flower – light yellow with dark maroon centre] – Medium to large single lemon-yellow flowers with centres varying from light red to scarlet. 

Power in the Converted Mind (when the mind turns towards the Divine, it becomes a powerful instrument) – Large single bright ochre-yellow flower with crinkled petals. 

Victorious Beauty (when it has resolved the ugliness of life!) – Large single golden-ochre to mustard flower with crinkled petals, vermilion center with silver-white aura.

Power of Spiritual Beauty (spiritual beauty has a contagious power) – Medium-sized or large single salmon-orange to golden-yellow flower with soft crinkled petals, deep magenta centre and silver-white aura. 

Power in service of the Future (without haste, but sure of its success) – Large single deep magenta flower with sturdy separated petals. 

Power of Perseverance (The perseverance that overcomes all obstacles) – Large single bright orange-red flower with smooth or crinkled petals, orange border and deep red center.

Power of progress (Power is the sign of the Divine Influence in Creation) – Large single pink to light red flower with smooth petals; centre often shading to lavender-pink. 

Power of Success (The power of those who know how to continue their effort) – Large single cream-white flower with crinkled petals and magenta pinwheel center. 

Puissance of Realisation (with realisation all obstacles will be overcome) – Large single bright orange-red flower with firm crinkled petals. 

Sweetness of Power surrendered to the divine (Sweetness itself becomes powerful when it is at the service of the Divine) – Large single light golden-yellow or apricot-yellow flower with crinkled petals and white or light pink pinwheel centre. 

Beauty of Supramental Love (It invites us to live at its heights) – Large single salmon pink with pink centre and pale pink aura or medium single light apricot-orange flower with light red centre.

Aesthetic Power (Beauty is a great power) – Large or small single red or reddish pink flower with dark red center and smooth petals splashed white on one lower edge.

Controlled Power (True Power is always quiet) – Medium to large double flower, mauve shading to grey-lavender.

Effective Power of the Supermind (All-Powerful, it imposes itself on all certitudes of its Knowledge) – Medium to large reddish-pink shaded orange cup-shaped flower with light orange border and deep pink centre. 

Enlightened Individual Power (Limited in its action but of a very high capacity) – Small to medium single coral-pink flower with cream border, luminous pink veins and intense red center. 

Individual Power (limited in capacity and action) – Small single magenta flower. 

Light of the Purified Power (Of irresistible simplicity in its Power solely consecrated to the Divine) – Medium to large single white flowers with slender or rounded milk-white petals. 

Will in Course of Uniting with the Divine Will (on the way to perfection) – Medium-sized double cream-white or light yellow flower.  

Will One with the Divine Will (the condition for surmounting all obstacles) – Hibiscus syriacus – Rose-of-Sharon, shrub althaea – Small to medium-sized double white flower.   

Power in the Higher Vital (Power that wants to be at the service of the Divine) – Hibiscus syriacus – Rose-of-Sharon, Shrub althaea – Medium-sized single deep lavender cup-shaped flower changing to blue, magenta centre and white anthers.

Power of Consciousness (All the powers of controlling and dominating the lower movements of inconscient nature) – Medium to large double flowers ranging from raspberry-pink through red to crimson. 

Power of Effort (Efforts well directed break down all obstacles) – Large single light grey to deep lavender flower with thin flat petals and magenta-purple center.

Power of Harmony (simple, noble, dignified, powerful and charming) – Medium to large light or bright yellow flowers with smooth petals; red or light orange center.

Power of Integral Purity (The power to accept only the Divine Influence) – Small or large single white flower with long or rounded saperate petals and bright red or vermilion centre. 

Power of the Future (To be capable of working for the future) – Large sturdy single deep magenta flower with rounded petals. 

Power of the Psychic Consciousness (the psychic power organises the activities of the nature to make it progress) – Medium to large double flowers with delicate petals, light to dark pink. 

Power of the Supramental Consciousness (organising and active, irresistible in its influence) – Medium to large golden-yellow or light orange-yellow flower and red to deep orange centre. 

Power to progress (precious because of its rarity, it must be cultivated with care) – Small to medium single cream-white flower with mauve-pink veins and deeper coloured center, orange stigmas.

Consciousness One with the Divine Consciouness (Smiling and happy, it no longer knows any shadows) – Large double flower, light pink shading to deeper pink with red centre, with or without pale cream border on outer edge of petals.

Psychic Power in Existence (manifold, imperious, irresistible in its comprehensive sweetness) – Small medium or large single pink flowers.

Victorious Love (Sure of itself, fearless, generous and smiling) – Hibiscus mutabilis ‘rosa’ – Changeable rose, Confederate rose –  Large double light to medium pink flower with delicate petals.

Beauty of Supramental Youth (Exquisitely fresh and powerful, with uncontested beauty) – Medium-sized single orange-yellow flowers, often changing to apricot-yellow. 

Eternal Youth (A gift that the Divine gives us when we unite ourselves with Him) – Hibiscus miniatus – Small salmon-orange flower.

The Divine Grace (Thy Goodness is Infinite; we bow before Thee in Gratitude!) – Hibiscus mutabilis – changeable rose, confederate rose – large double flower with soft delicate petals, opening pure white, gradually turning pink.