Paintings/Realistic · The story of Shiv Parvathi

Austerities – Summer



Painted on Arches 300gsm HP half sheet. Schminke Artists watercolors


A few lines from Kalidasa’s poem translated by Arthur W. Ryder describing this scene:

But far too mild her penance, Uma thought,
To win from heaven the lordly meed she sought.

She would not spare her form, so fair and frail,
If sterner penance could perchance prevail.
Oft had sweet pastime wearied her, and yet
Fain would she match in toil the anchoret.
Sure the soft lotus at her birth had lent
Dear Uma’s form its gentle element :
But gold, commingled with her being, gave
That will so strong, so beautifully brave.

Full in the centre of four blazing piles
Sate the fair lady of the winning smiles,
While on her head the mighty God of Day
Shot all the fury of his summer ray ;
Yet her fixt gaze she turned upon the skies,
And quenched his splendour with her brighter eyes.
To that sweet face, though scorched by rays from heaven,
Still was the beauty of the lotus given,
Yet, worn by watching, round those orbs of light
A blackness gathered like the shades of night.
She cooled her dry lips in the bubbling stream,
And lived on Amrit from the pale moon-beam,
Sometimes in hunger culling from the tree
The rich ripe fruit that hung so temptingly.