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Ode to Summer


Ode to Summer


Watercolor on 300gsm Winsor & Newton CP paper

22 into 15 inches

All Roses in General – Love for the Divine (the vegetal kingdom gathers together its most beautiful possiblities to offer them to the Divine)

Red Roses – Human Passions changed into Love for the Divine (may they become a real fact, and their abundance will save the world)

Small light orange roses in dainty clusters – Supramental Attachment for the Divine (manifold and smiling, repeating itself endlessly)

Bicoloured roses – Balance of the nature in the Love for the Divine (passive and active, calm and ardent, sweet and strong, silent and expressed)

Yellow roses tinged orange – Mental Surrender (this happens when the mind has understood that it is only an instrument)

Yellow roses – Mental Love for the Divine (the nature offers its love in a fragrant blossoming)

All colors, dense erect clusters of single or double roses – Communion with the Divine (for one who truly has it, all circumstances becomes an occasion for it)

Flowers · Paintings/Realistic

Lantana (shrub verbena)

 Supramental Influence in the Cells

 Lantana (shrub verbena)

Many hues and colour combinations – Supramental Influence in the cells (unexpected variety in colors and qualities)


painting size: 30*40 cm  on Hahnmühle fine art 300g/m² acid free watercolor paper.


Yellow Lantana – Light in the Cells (The first step towards purity in the cells) 

White Lantana – Purity in the Cells ( Can only be obtained through the conquest of desires; it is the true condition for good health)

Mauve to violet Lantana – Emotional Beauty in the Cells (seeking and emanating all the emotions of beauty)